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  1. Seiko Prospex Solar horloge SNE589P1
  2. Seiko Heren Horloge SUR557P1
  3. Seiko 5 Sports Heren Horloge SRPK67K1
  4. Seiko 5 Sports Heren Horloge SRPK65K1
  5. Seiko Heren Horloge SUR517P1
  6. Seiko Dames Horloge SWR089P1
  7. Seiko Dames Horloge SUR562P1
  8. Seiko Heren Horloge SUR560P1
  9. Seiko Chronograaf Heren Horloge SSB446P1
  10. Seiko Dames Horloge SWR090P1
  11. Seiko Dames Horloge SUR561P1
  12. Seiko Chronograaf Heren Horloge SSB445P1
  13. Seiko Presage Heren Horloge SRPK46J1
  14. Seiko Chronograaf Heren Horloge SSB427P1
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    Seiko Dames Horloge SWR085P1
    Special Price €264.00 Regular Price €330.00
  16. Seiko Dames Horloge SWR083P1
  17. Seiko Chronograaf Heren Horloge SSB425P1
  18. Seiko Chronograaf Heren Horloge SSB429P1
  19. Seiko horloge SWR064P1
  20. -14% discount
    Seiko horloge SWR049P1
    Special Price €190.05 Regular Price €220.00
  21. Seiko Prospex Chronograaf Heren Horloge SSC933P1
  22. Seiko Chronograaf Heren Horloge SSB430P1
  23. -18% discount
    Seiko 5 Sports Automaat Horloge SNKL45K1
    Special Price €139.00 Regular Price €169.00
  24. Seiko Dames Horloge SUR533P1
  25. Seiko Heren Horloge SUR527P1
  26. Seiko Dames Horloge SUR538P1
  27. -14% discount
    Seiko Horloge SWR053P1
    Special Price €190.05 Regular Price €220.00
  28. Seiko Heren Horloge SUR525P1
  29. Seiko horloge SWR054P1
  30. Seiko horloge SUR449P1
  31. Seiko Heren Horloge SUR515P1
  32. Seiko Automaat Heren Horloge SRPH87K1

66 Items Found

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Seiko: Always one step ahead of the rest

Seiko's story starts in 1881 when Kintaro Hattori opened a watch repair shop in the center of Tokyo at the age of 21. Within a couple of years, the business outgrew its modest sized premises and the first factory was opened in 1892. This factory did not just repair clocks but produced them as well.

The end, or only the beginning?

The company flourished although unfortunately not for very long. The unprecedented growth came to an abrupt halt after the big Kanto earthquake in 1923 which destroyed everything in its wake. Approximately 1500 clocks and watches did not survive this disaster.

However, Kintaro refused to give up. He promised to replace all the destroyed timepieces and it was not long before he took action. His commitment to back his words up with deeds meant that the company won the hearts of the public. Within year after this disaster the company produced a new watch, based on a prototype which had survived the earthquake. This watch became the company's flagship and was therefore named Seiko (in Japan, Seiko means 'exquisite' or 'success').

The company continued to grow and expand throughout Japan. By the early 1960's the mechanical wrist watches from Seiko were winning all the chronometer competitions in Japan and it was decided to launch the brand worldwide.

The Seiko collection

Seiko watches are innovative, modern and always stylish with a timeless, classic look. Luxury materials such as leather, titanium and stainless steel form the basis of the most stunning designs, from basic to sophisticated and sporty. The Seiko collection also includes Astron, Presage, Premier and Prospex watches.

Buying Seiko watches online

Brandfield is an official dealer for Seiko watches. Our online shop offers excellent product service.

If you order on a working day before 23:00at night, we will dispatch your watch the same day. If you'd like to give the watch to someone else as a gift, please indicate this when ordering. The watch will be dispatched just as quickly, but in a luxury gift wrap. We ship your order for free. If necessary, you can exchange or return the item, provided you return it to us within 30 days after the purchase date.

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