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  1. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Jet Set Charm Brown Leather Crossbody bag 32S1GT9C2B-252
    Special Price €140.00 Regular Price €175.00
  2. -34% discount
    Michael Kors Jet Set Black Leather Crossbody Bag 32S4GTVC3L-001
    Special Price €129.00 Regular Price €195.00
  3. -28% discount
    Michael Kors Sullivan White Shopper 30T0GNXT2B-149
    Special Price €211.30 Regular Price €295.00
  4. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Heather Black Leather Crossbody Bag 30S2S7HL3L-001
    Special Price €236.00 Regular Price €295.00
  5. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Kensington Brown Crossbody Bag 32S4G8KM9B-252
    Special Price €180.00 Regular Price €225.00
  6. Michael Kors Temple Black Leather Shoulder Bag 30R4G1LT3L-001
  7. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Jet Set Blue Leather Crossbody bag 32S4SJ6C6L-381
    Special Price €140.00 Regular Price €175.00
  8. Michael Kors Gigi Grey Shopper 30S4G3GT3J-012
  9. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Kensington Black Leather Crossbody Bag 32S4G8KM9L-001
    Special Price €180.00 Regular Price €225.00
  10. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Luisa Goudkleurige Shopper 30S4G99S2O-750
    Special Price €260.05 Regular Price €325.00
  11. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Kensington White Crossbody Bag 32S4G8KM9B-149
    Special Price €180.00 Regular Price €225.00
  12. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Delancey Black Leather Crossbody Bag 30S4GD8M2L-001
    Special Price €260.00 Regular Price €325.00
  13. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Luisa Witte Crossbody Tas 30R4G99M3V-099
    Special Price €236.00 Regular Price €295.00
  14. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Jet Set Blue Leather Crossbody Bag 32F7SGNM8L-381
    Special Price €180.00 Regular Price €225.00
  15. Michael Kors Kensington Black Leather Shoulder Bag 30S4G8KL9L-001
  16. Michael Kors Eliza Brown Shopper 30R4GZAT7B-174
  17. Michael Kors Eliza Black Shopper 30R4GZAT7B-012
  18. Michael Kors Sullivan White Handbag 30T0GNXT1B-149
  19. Michael Kors Eliza Brown Shopper 30S4SZAT7P-230
  20. Michael Kors Eliza Black Shopper 30S4SZAT7P-001
  21. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Jet Set Silver Leather Crossbody Bag 32S4SJ6M2K-040
    Special Price €200.00 Regular Price €250.00
  22. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Empire Zwarte Leren Schoudertas 32H3G8EW6L-001
    Special Price €180.05 Regular Price €225.00
  23. -30% discount
    Michael Kors Gigi Bruine Leren Shopper 30S4G3GT3L-174
    Special Price €276.55 Regular Price €395.00
  24. -45% discount
    Michael Kors Gigi Zwarte Leren Shopper 30S4G3GT3L-001
    Special Price €218.95 Regular Price €395.00
  25. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Delancey Bruine Crossbody Tas 30S4GD8M2I-227
    Special Price €260.00 Regular Price €325.00
  26. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Delancey Witte Crossbody Tas 30S4GD8M2I-099
    Special Price €260.00 Regular Price €325.00
  27. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Greenwich Brown Crossbody bag 32S1GGRC0B-252
    Special Price €236.00 Regular Price €295.00
  28. -30% discount
    Michael Kors Jet Set Rode Kalfsleren Crossbody Tas 32R4GJ6M8L-886
    Special Price €175.00 Regular Price €250.00
  29. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Parker Black Leather Handbag 30F2G7PC2L-001
    Special Price €280.05 Regular Price €350.00
  30. Michael Kors Bex Bruine Rugzak 30S4G8XB2B-252
  31. -30% discount
    Michael Kors Gigi Witte Shopper 30H3G3GT3B-099
    Special Price €245.05 Regular Price €350.00
  32. Michael Kors Jet Set Bruine Kalfsleren Handtas 32R4GJ6M8L-174

123 Items Found

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Brandfield is an official dealer for Michael Kors bags, Michael Kors wallets, Michael Kors watches, Michael Kors jewelry and Michael Kors sunglasses . Our online shop offers excellent product service. If you order your Michael Kors bag on a working day before 23:00, we will dispatch the item the same day. We ship your order for free. Pay later without any additional costs. We can send the item in a special gift wrap for a stylish present. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, you can return the bag within 30 days!

Michael Kors: stylish, high-quality bags

The American designer Michael Kors started his career in the fashion industry by designing and marketing his trendy sportswear line. The first collections were very well received. Nowadays, Michael Kors makes more than just sportswear although both his clothing and accessory designs (such as the Michael Kors bags) continue to have a sporty look.

Kors is a true self-made designer and over the years has made a real name for himself in the fashion world. His label is known all over the world.

The brand's history

Kors opened his first own-label stores in 1981, Michael Kors Holdings Limited. These retail stores (today, more than 600 worldwide) sell the famous Michael Kors bags and accessories. The bags have been hugely popular with a large number of people since the nineties.

The Kors fashion label always manages to come up with new, innovative marketing campaigns, which inform the huge number of fans of this label of the latest fashion trends. The Kors brand uses famous artists in their marketing campaigns, often using social media as a platform.

Special features

One of the most notable features of the Michael Kors bag collection in our range is the detailed finishing of these items. Every season, the designer team behind the Kors label selects a number of fashionable color schemes to work with.

The functionality and wearability of the bags are an important factor when it comes to finalizing the collections. You can expect adjustable straps and plenty of compartments to keep your possessions safe.

Michael Kors is synonymous with high-quality design. Kors believes that it is this stringent quality control of materials and design that makes the Michael Kors bags so successful.

Buying a Michael Kors bag in Brandfield's online shop.

You can opt to pay later and we'll give you 30 days to decide whether you like your new bag.

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