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At Brandfield you'll find the most beautiful diamond jewellery. From diamond rings to necklaces and from earrings to bracelets, you'll find it all at Brandfield!

Diamonds are considered to be the most beautiful gemstone and the most precious product to be found in nature. Moreover, the diamond is the only gemstone that consists of one element. Of course, you don't buy a piece of diamond jewellery just like that. Therefore, we find it very important to inform you as good as possible about this beautiful and valuable stone.

About diamond jewellery

The value of a diamond is determined by four different characteristics: its weight (carat), colour, clarity and cut. These factors are also known as the 4c's. The aforementioned properties give clues about the quality of the diamond and help to identify the stone.

Diamonds are also carefully studied for colour. Most diamonds used for jewellery have colour gradations from white to yellow. The colour of the diamond is determined by means of an internationally recognised colour set. The colours vary from D (colourless) to Z (the yellowest tint). The more colourless the diamond is, the more valuable it is. The diamond jewellery in Brandfield's collection is between F and G, which means it is considered colourless.

Of course, the clarity of a diamond is also very important. In the centuries-long process in which diamonds are formed, other elements can sneak into the stone. These are also called inclusions. These element particles can vary from small traces that are hardly visible, to larger traces. The fewer inclusions, the more light the diamond lets through and the more beautiful the diamond can shine. In Brandfield's diamond collection, you'll find diamond jewellery of clarity degree SI (slightly included). This means the small number of inclusions in the diamond are not visible to the naked eye.

The cut determines the brilliance of a diamond. The beauty of the stone depends mainly on the quality of the cut. This refers to the shape in which the diamond is cut and the symmetry of the various facets. Only with a perfect finish can the light travel optimally along the facets of the diamond and create a breathtaking brilliance. The brilliant is the most famous cut and this is also the cut you'll find in Brandfield's diamond collection. This shape has 57 facets and with its exceptional brilliance it has a modern, timeless look.

Diamonds as an investment

Besides the fact that diamonds are irresistible, they are also a smart investment. Diamonds are very rare, durable and the international demand for diamonds keeps rising. So if you're looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery that retains its value, then diamond jewellery is definitely the way to go!

At Brandfield, you'll always receive a certificate when you buy a piece of jewellery with a diamond. In addition, you can find detailed information about the specific diamond or diamonds that are set in all diamond jewellery.

Buy diamonds online at Brandfield

Brandfield has a wide range of diamond jewellery. We offer excellent service on your purchase in our webshop. Order your diamond jewellery before 23:30 on a workday and it will be delivered the next day. Do you want to surprise someone with a piece of diamond jewellery? Combine it with a gift box and you'll have a stylish present in no time.

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