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Are you looking for a gift, but are you unable to choose from our collection? The Brandfield Gift Card is the right answer!

A Special Gift - the Brandfield gift card. A stylish gift card that can be used to shop watches, jewelry and more... A great present for everyone!

The Brandfield gift card will be deliverd in a fancy package, to make sure it can be used as a gift. The gift card is available in €10 up to €500 (until €25 in steps of €5, then in steps of €25).

Received a gift card? How to redeem it

There is a scratch layer on the back of the gift card. If that layer has been scratched off, your personal gift card code will be visible. This code can be used to redeem the value of your gift card.

This can be done by entering the code after pressing 'Redeem your gift card' in the shopping cart.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to return a Brandfield gift card?

It isn't possible to return a Brandfield gift card. Gift cards that were sent back, will be immediately transformed to store credit deposited on the customer account of the person that ordered the gift card.

Any further questions?

Contact our customer service.

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