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  1. -34% discount
    Special Price €257.50 Regular Price €389.00
  2. Emporio Armani Heren Horloge AR11590
  3. Emporio Armani Dames Horloge AR11585
  4. -34% discount
    Emporio Armani Heren Horloge en Armband Giftset AR80070SET
    Special Price €281.70 Regular Price €429.00
  5. Emporio Armani Dames Horloge AR11596
  6. Emporio Armani Dames Horloge AR11593
  7. Emporio Armani Heren Horloge AR11589
  8. Emporio Armani Dames Horloge AR11584
  9. -34% discount
    Emporio Armani Watch AR1925
    Special Price €257.50 Regular Price €389.00
  10. -30% discount
    Emporio Armani Chronograaf Heren Horloge AR70010
    Special Price €398.35 Regular Price €569.00
  11. Emporio Armani Chronograaf Heren Horloge AR11562
  12. Emporio Armani Heren Horloge AR11573
  13. -31% discount
    Emporio Armani Heren Horloge AR11571
    Special Price €178.95 Regular Price €259.00
  14. -33% discount
    Emporio Armani Dames Horloge AR11569
    Special Price €245.40 Regular Price €369.00
  15. Emporio Armani Dames Horloge AR11558
  16. -32% discount
    Emporio Armani Dames Horloge AR11574
    Special Price €250.00 Regular Price €369.00
  17. -33% discount
    Emporio Armani Dames Horloge AR11523
    Special Price €245.40 Regular Price €369.00
  18. -34% discount
    Emporio Armani Dames Horloge AR11445
    Special Price €257.50 Regular Price €389.00
  19. -24% discount
    Emporio Armani Dames Horloge AR11316
    Special Price €296.05 Regular Price €389.00
  20. -33% discount
    Emporio Armani Chronograaf Heren Horloge AR11541
    Special Price €245.40 Regular Price €369.00
  21. -30% discount
    Emporio Armani Watch AR11362
    Special Price €272.35 Regular Price €389.00
  22. -33% discount
    Emporio Armani Chronograaf Heren Horloge AR11529
    Special Price €245.40 Regular Price €369.00
  23. -33% discount
    Emporio Armani Watch AR11338
    Special Price €215.20 Regular Price €319.00
  24. -33% discount
    Emporio Armani AR2448
    Special Price €245.40 Regular Price €369.00
  25. -33% discount
    Emporio Armani Classic horloge AR2434
    Special Price €245.40 Regular Price €369.00
  26. -24% discount
    Emporio Armani Watch AR11242
    Special Price €295.25 Regular Price €389.00
  27. -33% discount
    Emporio Armani Mario Watch AR11241
    Special Price €227.30 Regular Price €339.00
  28. -34% discount
    Emporio Armani Watch AR1979
    Special Price €257.50 Regular Price €389.00
  29. Emporio Armani Heren Horloge AR11600
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  30. Emporio Armani Heren Horloge AR11602
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  31. Emporio Armani Heren Horloge AR11599
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  32. Emporio Armani Gianni T-Bar Watch AR1840
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41 Items Found

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Brandfield is an official dealer of Armani watches, a selection: Armani Connected smartwatches, Armani jewelry and Armani sunglasses. Our online shop offers excellent product service. If you order your Emporio Armani watch on a working day before 23:00, we will dispatch the item the same day. We ship your order for free. Pay later without any additional costs. We can send the item in a special gift wrap for a stylish present. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, you can return the watch within 30 days!

Timeless, classic, luxurious, yet trendy and modern. This is how you could best describe the watches from fashion house Armani. Luxury materials and elegant designs complement one another perfectly so that each Armani watch is considered to be a piece of jewelry in its own right. You can buy these watches from our online shop for both him and her.

About Armani

Founded in the 70's, the timeless classics by designer Giorgio Armani managed to conquer the hearts of fashion aficionados in no time. Like no other, he knew how to incorporate both modern and classic elements into all his designs. Today, the Italian Armani has grown into an international fashion house offering an extensive accessory collection. Such as the Armani watches, but also stunning pieces of jewelry, wonderful scents for men and women as well as cool and elegant sunglasses. You can find all of these in our online shop.

Armani collection

The collection of Armani watches by Giorgio Armani are predominantly made from luxurious leather and stainless steel. Each watch is discreetly marked with the Armani logo: the distinctive stylized eagle. Men can choose from a range of different stylish Armani watches. Such as the sporty Armani watches with additional chronometers on the watch face as well as stylish, minimalist watches. Each woman's watch by Armani is a refined and elegant timepiece; you could almost forget that you can also check the time on this stunning piece of jewelry.

Buying Armani watches online

You can buy the most stylish Armani watches in Brandfield's online shop. Our excellent service means you don't have to wait long before it arrives. If you order on a working day or a Sunday before 23:00, we will dispatch your Armani watch the same day, in a gift wrap if requested. We ship your order for free. In the unlikely event that something is not right with your watch, you can return the item within 30 days from the purchase date.

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