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  1. Guess Milano Green Crossbody bag HMECSA-P3123-MLG
  2. -31% discount
    GUESS Noelle Black Crossbody bag HWBG78-79140-CLO
    Special Price €83.10 Regular Price €120.00
  3. -27% discount
    Guess Giully Roze Crossbody Tas HWQA87-48140-LTR
    Special Price €88.00 Regular Price €120.00
  4. Guess Torino Zwarte Heuptas HMECSA-P3431-BLA
  5. Guess Torino Black Crossbody bag HMTOLO-P4253-BLA
  6. Guess Torino Beige Crossbody bag HMTOLO-P4253-BBO
  7. -28% discount
    GUESS Eco Gemma Black Crossbody bag HWEYG8-39572-BLA
    Special Price €82.80 Regular Price €115.00
  8. Guess Milano Grijze Rugzak HMMILS-P4211-GUN
  9. -20% discount
    Guess Emilee Roze Crossbody Tas HWBG88-62780-LTR
    Special Price €92.00 Regular Price €115.00
  10. Guess Torino Bruine Crossbody Tas HMTOJS-P4258-BRO
  11. Guess Parma Bruine Aktetas HMEVZL-P3138-BBO
  12. Guess Torino Zwarte Crossbody Tas HMTOJS-P4258-BLA
  13. Guess Milano Grijze Crossbody Tas HMMILS-P4260-GUN
  14. Guess Dome Roze Toilettas PW1574-P3370-ROS
  15. Guess Milano Zwarte Rugzak HMEVZL-P3241-BLA
  16. Guess Dome Zwarte Toilettas PW1574-P3370-BLA
  17. Guess Glassic Zwarte Crossbody Tas HMGLAC-P4117-BLA
  18. -30% discount
    Guess Noelle Gele Schoudertas HWZG78-79180-PLY
    Special Price €87.55 Regular Price €125.00
  19. Guess Webbing Witte Schouderband SWWB86-74730-TAU
  20. Guess Webbing Roze Schouderband SWWB86-74730-ROS
  21. -27% discount
    Guess Cosette Witte Crossbody Tas HWVA92-22140-WHI
    Special Price €91.45 Regular Price €125.00
  22. Guess Loralee Witte Handtas HWJG92-26210-WLO
  23. -20% discount
    Guess Adi Blauwe Crossbody Tas HWGG93-6120-SKB
    Special Price €96.00 Regular Price €120.00
  24. -28% discount
    Guess Noelle Gele Crossbody Tas HWZG78-79140-PLY
    Special Price €86.00 Regular Price €120.00
  25. Guess Roma Bruine Crossbody Tas HMRONY-P4299-SAN
  26. Guess Roma Zwarte Crossbody Tas HMRONY-P4299-BLA
  27. -20% discount
    Guess Marieke Witte Crossbody Tas HWQM92-29210-WLO
    Special Price €108.00 Regular Price €135.00
  28. -37% discount
    Guess Marieke Zwarte Schoudertas HWQM92-29210-BLO
    Special Price €85.00 Regular Price €135.00
  29. Guess Noelle Witte Schoudertas HWBD78-79210-DVL
  30. Guess Nelka Bruine Handtas HWPG93-7050-MLO
  31. Guess Nelka Witte Handtas HWCG93-7070-STO
  32. -20% discount
    Guess Lossie Witte Crossbody Tas HWVA92-31200-WHI
    Special Price €108.00 Regular Price €135.00

262 Items Found

per page

Brandfield is an official dealer for GUESS bags, GUESS watches, GUESS jewelry, GUESS sunglasses, GUESS wallets and GUESS belts. Our online shop offers excellent product service. If you order your watch on a working day before 23:00, we will dispatch the item the same day. We ship your order for free. Pay later without any additional costs. We can send the item in a special gift wrap for a stylish present. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, you can return the bag within 30 days!

Guess bags

You can spot a Guess bag from a mile off. These stunning bags stands out because of their unique, trendy designs, decorative finishing and their unmistakable international flair. If you like glamour, these bags are for you!

About Guess

Guess is an American fashion and lifestyle brand with French origins. The brand was founded in the 80's by the four Marciano brothers from Marseille who decided to try their luck in the States. They opened a shop in Beverly Hills and launched a new type of jeans which caused a storm: the 'stonewashed' slim fit jeans. Supermodels and smart product placement (such as in the blockbuster movie 'Back to the Future') ensured that these jeans became hugely popular. This paved the way for Guess's huge success as an international fashion label. They launched the first designer jeans, expanded their product lines with watches and jewelry, followed by bags, children's clothing and various lifestyle articles and accessories.

GUESS collection

All Guess bags are a real pleasure to look at. Whether you are after an elegant shopper bag, a classy clutch bag or would prefer a nice handbag, shoulder bag or cross body, each Guess bag is as elegant, striking and stylish as you would expect from this brand. These bags complete your look, both at work and at play. These top-notch bags have a high-quality finish, are lined with fabric in a range of beautiful colors and have all the pockets and compartments that a woman could possibly need; for your mobile, purse, laptop and make-up. If Guess is the perfect brand for you, don't forget to check out Guess watches , Guess jewelry and Guess sunglasses.

Buying Guess bags online

Order today, before 23:00. If you order on a working day or a Sunday, we will dispatch the item the same day. Please indicate on your order if you would like us to send the item in a luxury gift wrap. We ship your order for free. You can exchange or return your purchase within 30 days from the purchase date.

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