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  1. -20% discount
    Renard Solide Brown Leather Zip Wallet RW27067
    Special Price €39.95 Regular Price €49.95
  2. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Jet Set Zwarte Leren Pasjeshouder 34S3GJ6D1L-001
    Special Price €44.00 Regular Price €55.00
  3. -20% discount
    Michael Kors Greyson Admiral Blue Card Holder 39F9LGYD2B-502
    Special Price €47.20 Regular Price €59.00
  4. -20% discount
    Aigner Ivy Black Leather Card Holder 1503610002
    Special Price €79.00 Regular Price €99.00
  5. -30% discount
    Isabel Bernard Honoré Jules Black Ritsportemonnee IB23101
    Special Price €62.00 Regular Price €89.00
  6. -20% discount
    Guess Mito Black Leather Billfold Wallet SMVELE-LEA20-BLA
    Special Price €60.00 Regular Price €75.00
  7. -20% discount
    Guess Adi White Zip Wallet SWGG93-6400-WHI
    Special Price €48.00 Regular Price €60.00
  8. -20% discount
    Guess Adi Yellow Zip Wallet SWGG93-6400-PLY
    Special Price €48.00 Regular Price €60.00
  9. -20% discount
    Guess Milano Grey Billfold Wallet SMMILS-LEA49-GUN
    Special Price €48.00 Regular Price €60.00
  10. -20% discount
    JOOP! Giro Melete White Zip Wallet 4130000900-100
    Special Price €71.96 Regular Price €89.95
  11. -20% discount
    Love Moschino Portafoglio Black Zip Wallet JC5700PP0ILD0000
    Special Price €72.80 Regular Price €91.00
  12. -20% discount
    Coccinelle Metallic Soft Black Leather Zip Wallet E2MW5193001001
    Special Price €52.00 Regular Price €65.00
  13. -20% discount
    Guess Meridian Pink Zip Wallet SWBG87-78400-LPH
    Special Price €48.00 Regular Price €60.00
  14. -20% discount
    JOOP! Piazza Diletta Melete Grey Zip Wallet 4140007518-753
    Special Price €95.96 Regular Price €119.95
  15. -20% discount
    JOOP! Piazza Diletta Europa Grey Push Button Wallet 4140007517-753
    Special Price €95.96 Regular Price €119.95
  16. -20% discount
    Love Moschino Saffiano Zwarte Pasjeshouder JC5737PP0IKL0000
    Special Price €64.80 Regular Price €81.00
  17. -11% discount
    Love Moschino Saffiano Bruine Ritsportemonnee JC5730PP0IKL0226
    Special Price €88.00 Regular Price €99.00
  18. -20% discount
    Valentino Bags Divina Sa Zwarte Drukknop Portemonnee VPS1IJ113NERO
    Special Price €49.56 Regular Price €61.95
  19. Guess Adi Zwarte Ritsportemonnee SWGG93-6630-BLA
  20. -20% discount
    Guess Adi Zwarte Ritsportemonnee SWGG93-6400-BLA
    Special Price €48.00 Regular Price €60.00
  21. -20% discount
    Calvin Klein Quilt Beige Pasjeshouder K60K611704PEA
    Special Price €43.92 Regular Price €54.90
  22. -20% discount
    Calvin Klein Must Witte Pasjeshouder K60K611933LIA
    Special Price €39.92 Regular Price €49.90
  23. -20% discount
    Guess Laurel Taupe Ritsportemonnee SWZG85-460-TAU
    Special Price €52.00 Regular Price €65.00
  24. Guess Laurel Taupe Ritsportemonnee SWZG85-370-TAU
  25. -22% discount
    Guess Tia Zwarte Ritsportemonnee SWQA91-87400-BLA
    Special Price €46.55 Regular Price €60.00
  26. -20% discount
    Isabel Bernard Honoré Jules Groene Leren Ritsportemonnee van Kalfsleer IB23046
    Special Price €71.00 Regular Price €89.00
  27. -30% discount
    Isabel Bernard Honoré Jules camel leren ritsportemonnee van kalfsleer IB23024
    Special Price €55.00 Regular Price €79.00
  28. -20% discount
    Isabel Bernard Honoré Aveline crème leren pasjeshouder van kalfsleer IB27021
    Special Price €63.00 Regular Price €79.00
  29. -20% discount
    Isabel Bernard Honoré Aveline camel leren pasjeshouder van kalfsleer IB27020
    Special Price €63.00 Regular Price €79.00
  30. -20% discount
    Isabel Bernard Honoré Aveline croco zwarte leren pasjeshouder van kalfsleer IB27018
    Special Price €79.00 Regular Price €99.00
  31. Michael Kors Jet Set Black Leather Billfold Wallet 34F9SAFW4L-001
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  32. -20% discount
    Love Moschino Avorio Beige Ritsportemonnee JC5700PP1ILD0110
    Special Price €72.80 Regular Price €91.00

274 Items Found

per page

Brandfield is an official dealer of many wallet brands . Our collection includes ladies' wallets and men's wallets. Our online shop offers excellent product service. If you order your wallet on a working day before 23:00, we will dispatch the item the same day. We ship your order for free. Pay later without any additional costs. Do you want to surprise someone with a new wallet? We can send the item in a special gift wrap for a stylish present. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, you can return the wallet within 30 days!

Wallets in various styles

We have also seen a growing trend where the focus is increasingly on sustainability and corporate citizenship. More and more bag labels choose to participate in fair trade practices and make a commitment to ensure that leather tanning does not cause any harm to humans, animals or the environment. They also pay sustainable wages and provide opportunities for craftspeople and their families.

The Dutch brand MYOMY is one of the brands that offers sustainably produced wallets. This brand made its name with the popular leather My Paper Bag shopper bags and offers a wide range of bags based on this design.

Trends in designer wallets

Show your fashion sense with a striking wallet from a famous high-fashion label.

Paul's Boutique is the perfect brand for you. This collection includes real eye catchers, which are both luxurious and edgy l These wallets are real gems in your bag, with surprising designs, fancy zebra and leopard motifs and unique urban and graffiti patterns. You can complement the look with a Paul's Boutique designer bag.

Mini wallets for men, also knows as slide wallets or card holders, are a growing trend for men. This is a card holder which safely stores debit and credit cards. The Secrid wallet has become very popular in recent years and we expect this trend to continue for many years to come. Besides Secrid, the collection also offers Garzini wallets. The perfect choice for the minimalist man of today who only pays with debit and credit cards.

In addition to the brands mentioned above, the Brandfield wallet collection consists of:

Match your wallet with a designer bag

If you're someone for carefully selects the right fashion accessories before leaving home, we're sure you'd like to match your wallet with your shopper, hand bag or shoulder bag. A lot of brands have responded to this trend by designing bags with the same look, color and print. Or they include a handy wallet with the designer bag. The wallets from Paul's Boutique make it easy to find the right match by giving the name of the design and print of both bag and wallet.

Buying wallets online

Brandfield offers an array of choice so you can find a wallet to match your personal style. Discover our huge assortment of bags, jewellery, sunglasses and watches to complete your wardrobe with the right accessories. Benefit from the advantages of online shopping by ordering your new wallet from Brandfield.

We offer a first class service and great terms and conditions for all your online purchases. Order today before 23:00, for same day dispatch (applies to working days and Sundays). Is it a present? In that case we can give your order a festive touch with a luxury gift wrap. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase or would like to exchange your purchase, you can return the item within 30 days.

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