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€34.00 €499.00
€34.00 €499.00
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  1. Valentino Bags Relax Black Crossbody Bag VBS6V004NERO
    Special Price €115.95 Regular Price €144.95
  2. Michael Kors Lillie Bruine Schoudertas 30T9G0LE3B-252
    Special Price €247.55 Regular Price €425.00
  3. Tommy Hilfiger Poppy Blauwe Handtas AW0AW16780DW6
    Special Price €79.92 Regular Price €99.90
  4. Michael Kors Heather Zwarte Leren Crossbody Tas 32S2S7HC0L-001
    Special Price €200.00 Regular Price €250.00
  5. Isabel Bernard Femme Forte Annabelle zwarte leren schoudertas van kalfsleer IB25019
    Special Price €239.00 Regular Price €299.00
  6. Michael Kors Luisa Goudkleurige Shopper 30S4G99S2O-750
    Special Price €260.00 Regular Price €325.00
  7. Love Moschino Raffia Beige Shopper JC4279PP0IKI110A
    Special Price €185.60 Regular Price €232.00
  8. Love Moschino Bruine Shopper JC4261PP0IKL0226
    Special Price €194.40 Regular Price €243.00
  9. Love Moschino Saffiano Bruine Schoudertas JC4265PP0IKL0226
    Special Price €170.40 Regular Price €213.00
  10. Love Moschino Witte Schoudertas JC4334PP0IKJ0100
    Special Price €185.60 Regular Price €232.00
  11. Love Moschino Zwarte Schoudertas JC4334PP0IKJ0000
    Special Price €185.60 Regular Price €232.00
  12. Tommy Hilfiger City Blauwe Shopper AW0AW17001DW6
    Special Price €119.92 Regular Price €149.90
  13. Tommy Hilfiger Poppy Blauwe Shopper AW0AW15981DW6
    Special Price €77.95 Regular Price €99.90
  14. Furla Nuvola Witte Kalfsleren Handtas WB01246BX20451704S
    Special Price €396.00 Regular Price €495.00
  15. Liu Jo Tanisha Meerkleurige Shopper AA4097T6476-64018
    Special Price €159.20 Regular Price €199.00
  16. Furla 1927 Witte Leren Crossbody Tas BAFIACOARE0001704S
    Special Price €308.00 Regular Price €385.00
  17. Michael Kors Empire Zwarte Leren Schoudertas 32H3G8EW6L-001
    Special Price €180.00 Regular Price €225.00
  18. Calvin Klein Fold Witte Schoudertas K60K611659PC4
    Special Price €111.92 Regular Price €139.90
  19. Calvin Klein Summer Story Witte Shopper K60K611646PC4
    Special Price €111.92 Regular Price €139.90
  20. Calvin Klein Gracie Zwarte Schoudertas K60K611667BEH
    Special Price €127.92 Regular Price €159.90
  21. Calvin Klein Fold Zwarte Schoudertas K60K611659BEH
    Special Price €111.92 Regular Price €139.90
  22. Guess Emilee Roze Crossbody Tas HWBG88-62780-LTR
    Special Price €92.05 Regular Price €115.00
  23. Guess Emilee Zwarte Crossbody Tas HWBG88-62210-BLA
    Special Price €108.00 Regular Price €135.00
  24. Gianni Chiarini Bruine Leren Handtas BS-9555/24PE-RNGDBL-13450
    Special Price €236.00 Regular Price €295.00
  25. Gianni Chiarini Gele Leren Shopper BS-10370/24PE-CST-PL-13309
    Special Price €236.00 Regular Price €295.00
  26. Gianni Chiarini Zwarte Leren Schoudertas BS-10631-PRCK-1
    Special Price €236.00 Regular Price €295.00
  27. Gianni Chiarini Bruine Leren Schoudertas BS-10630-PRCK-7042
    Special Price €204.00 Regular Price €255.00
  28. Love Moschino Zwarte Schoudertas JC4115PP1ILJ0000
    Special Price €170.40 Regular Price €213.00
  29. Love Moschino Zwarte Crossbody Tas JC4117PP1ILM0000
    Special Price €170.40 Regular Price €213.00
  30. Love Moschino Zwarte Handtas JC4124PP1ILN100A
    Special Price €170.40 Regular Price €213.00

552 Items Found

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Brandfield is an official dealer of many branded bags. Our product range consists of different types of bags for ladies and gents. Our online shop offers excellent product service. Your bag will be delivered the very next day if you order on a working day before 22:00. We ship your order for free. Pay later without any additional costs. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, you can return the bag within 30 days!

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Bags, the essential fashion accessory.

Bags can be seen as an extension of ourselves. Every day we fill our bags with everything we need for work, school, travel or a night out and we like our bags to look good enough to show off. Bags come in different shapes and sizes, from attractive shopper bags with lots of room for your shopping, stylish hand bags and compact clutch bags with room for your mobile, wallet and make-up, to sturdy shoulder bags and backpacks for carrying your laptop, pens, paper and travel items.

Wide choice of bags from popular designer brands.

Are you looking for the latest designer bags which are currently featured in magazines and fashion blogs? Our collections always include bags from today's most popular designers.

We offer a wide selection of high fashion GUESS bags, for example. Regardless of whether you choose one of this brand's luxury hand bags, trendy shoulder bags, elegant shopper bags or striking clutch bags to match your outfit, they all have a great look that you're happy to be seen with. In the category fashion brands, our online shop also sells Furla bags, Michael Kors bags and Tommy Hilfiger bags.

If you prefer a 'simple & smart' fashion look, check out the unique British label Ted Baker bags. This brand manages to create a unique look combining classic retro and vintage elements with contemporary modern design. Also British, distinctive and perhaps even more over the top: Paul's Boutique bags .

The bags from quality label l MYOMY bags (Myomy do goods) also have a very special and contemporary design. This Dutch bag label is known for My Paper Bag; a leather shopper bag that looks like a simple paper bag.

If you're vegan or vegetarian, don't forget to check out the collection Matt & Nat bags .

You will find strong and durable bags with lots of style and character in the Valentino bag collection. These high quality bags not only distinguish themselves by their craftsmanship but also by the designs which are so modern, trendy and elegant they look great with whatever you choose to wear.

Brandfield's online shop does not just sell fashionable bags but has a wide range of functional bags too. We offer a wide range of backpacks from popular brands. When you think of 'backpacks' the names Fjällraven and Eastpak often come to mind. As does Kipling. Indeed! And let's not forget the backpacks from Sandqvist and Herschel. Besides the top name brands, we also sell bags from Rains of which the majority are backpacks.

Brandfield's bag collection also includes the following brands:

Buying bags online

The bag collection from Brandfield offers a wide choice of bags to match your personal style and wardrobe. We alsohave a huge range of wallets, sunglasses, watches and jewelllery from well-known top brands, to complete your look.

If you order your bag of choice on a working day or a Sunday before 22:00, we will dispatch the item the same day. We ship your order for free.

It goes without saying that these luxury and elegant bags would make a perfect present. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, you will have 30 days to exchange or return your purchase without any additional costs.

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