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  1. -20% discount
    Isabel Bernard Aidee Royale 14 Karat Gold Link Bracelet IB320139
    Special Price €799.00 Regular Price €999.00
  2. Pandora Game of Thrones 925 Sterling Zilveren Ring met 14 Karaat Gouden Plating 163136C01
    As low as €89.00
  3. -20% discount
    Swarovski Matrix Silver Coloured Ear Studs 5692260
    Special Price €79.20 Regular Price €99.00
  4. -50% discount
    Selected Jewels Selected Gifts 925 Sterling Zilveren Creolen Set SJSET380060
    Special Price €39.95 Regular Price €79.95
  5. Swarovski Dextera Silver Coloured Ring 5695934/CFG
    As low as €119.00
  6. -21% discount
    Violet Hamden Luna 925 Sterling Zilveren Gold Plated Oorknoppen VH360063
    Special Price €23.00 Regular Price €29.00
  7. Beloro Jewels La Rinascente Elena 9 Karat Ring BO330046
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  8. -5% discount
    Swarovski Angelic Armband 5505469 (Lengte: 16.50 cm)
    Special Price €151.05 Regular Price €159.00
  9. -30% discount
    Buddha to Buddha Edwin 925 Sterling Silver Limited Ring BTB169
    As low as €139.30 Regular Price €199.00
  10. Josh Light Blue Bracelet 09285-BRA-SATAVENT
    As low as €44.95
  11. Josh Silver Coloured Bracelet 03538-BRA-S
    As low as €99.95
  12. Swarovski Matrix Silver Coloured Ring 5689630/CFG
    As low as €119.00
  13. Beloro Jewels La Rinascente Elena 9 Karat Ring BO330044
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  14. Swarovski Stilla Silver Coloured Ring 5697983/CFG
    As low as €119.00
  15. Beloro Jewels Della Spiga Pia 9 Karat Gold Ring BO330029
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  16. ENAMEL Copenhagen 925 Sterling Silver Necklace with Golden Plating N124GM-PL
  17. Beloro Jewels Della Spiga Pia 9 karat gold ring BO330028
    As low as €169.00
  18. -20% discount
    Swarovski Gema Gold-coloured Necklace 5688490
    Special Price €143.20 Regular Price €179.00
  19. Jackie Gold 14K Golden Ring JKR24.449
    As low as €289.95
  20. Josh Leather Bracelet 09325-BRA-VB/BLACK
    As low as €49.95
  21. Josh Leather Bracelet 09325-BRA-VB/BROWN
    As low as €49.95
  22. Josh Leather Bracelet 09325-BRA-S/COGNAC
    As low as €49.95
  23. Josh Leather Bracelet 50046-BRA-S/COGNAC
    As low as €69.95
  24. Josh Leather Bracelet 50046-BRA-S/BROWN
    As low as €69.95
  25. Josh Blue Bracelet 09285-BRA-S/MIXBLUE
    As low as €44.95
  26. Josh Green Bracelet 09285-BRA-VB/SERPENT
    As low as €44.95
  27. Josh Brown Bracelet 09285-BRA-SALACHIT
    As low as €44.95
  28. Josh Blue Bracelet 09285-BRA-SAPISLAZ
    As low as €44.95
  29. Josh Leather Bracelet 03541-BRA-VB/BLACK
    As low as €124.95
  30. Beloro Jewels Monte Napoleone Stella 9 Karat Gold Ring BO330042
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  31. Josh Leather Bracelet 03541-BRA-S/BROWN
    As low as €124.95
  32. Josh Black Bracelet 03533-BRA-VB/MATBLCK
    As low as €134.95

4521 Items Found

per page

Brandfield is an official dealer of many well-known jewellery brands. Ons aanbod bestaat uit womens jewellery and mens jewellery. We offer excellent service on your purchase in our webshop. Want to surprise someone with a beautiful piece of jewellery? Combined with gift wrapping, you'll have a stylish gift in no time! Should a piece of jewellery not be to your liking, you can return it within 30 days.


At Brandfield, you'll find the most beautiful jewellery according to the latest trends. Of course, your outfit is not complete without well-chosen jewellery that is also totally on trend! We keep a close eye on current and new trends so we can always provide you with the hippest jewellery. Of course, trends change constantly and we understand that you don't feel like buying a whole new jewellery collection every month. That's why Brandfield also offers a wide selection of timeless jewellery. This way, you can build a good foundation with beautiful timeless jewellery and occasionally expand your collection according to the latest trends. Whether you choose silver, gold, leather or another material, at Brandfield you have come to the right place!

In our webshop, you will find an awful lot of different types of jewellery. The most popular jewellery items are rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. So whatever jewellery you are looking for and whatever your requirements are, you are guaranteed to find your new favourite jewellery piece at Brandfield!

Rings are perhaps the most worn piece of jewellery. Among both women and men, rings are popular. It is a piece of jewellery that does not necessarily stand out very much, but often has a symbolic meaning and is therefore important to the wearer. Think of wedding rings, engagement rings and friendship rings. But a ring does not always have to mean something. The ring can also be worn as part of a certain style.

Silver jewellery

Jewellery is available in an awful lot of different materials. For example silver jewellery. Jewellery made of silver is a popular choice and not surprisingly so. Silver jewellery is timeless and creates a stylish and modern look. In addition, silver has a very nice shine and is an incredibly sturdy material. If you compare the price of silver jewellery to that of gold jewellery, silver is a lot cheaper than gold. This makes silver jewellery very accessible.

At Brandfield, you will find silver jewellery from different brands such as Parte Di Me and Selected Jewels. Silver jewellery from Buddha to Buddha has also been a popular choice for years.

What does 925 mean on jewellery?

925 sterling silver is a term you will come across often, especially if you are looking for silver jewellery. But what exactly is 925 sterling silver? The number combination 925 stands for the amount of silver in the jewellery. This is measured in percentages. 925 stands for 92.5 per cent. A piece of jewellery consists of a composition of different metals, or an alloy. 925 therefore stands for an alloy of 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% consists of another metal. Often this is copper. It is not possible to make jewellery from pure silver because this material is too soft and will quickly scratch or break itself. 925 sterling silver is the highest grade of silver found in jewellery.

How to clean silver jewellery

To make your silver jewellery shine again, you can clean it from time to time. You do this by immersing them in soapy lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid. Gently brush your silver jewellery with a soft brush (e.g. a toothbrush). Then rinse your silver jewellery well to remove all soap residue and dry it with a soft cloth.

Gold jewellery

Gold jewellery has also traditionally been popular. Perhaps gold is one of the most favourite jewellery materials. Gold jewellery remains stylish over the years and retains its value. At Isabel Bernard you will find the finest women's jewellery in 14-carat gold. Take a look at the collection and get inspired!

In addition to 14-carat gold jewellery, Brandfield also stocks 18-carat gold jewellery, 9-carat gold jewellery and gold-plated jewellery. Whatever you're looking for and whatever your wishes are, you're guaranteed to find it in our extensive jewellery collection!

Other materials are also increasingly used. For instance, rosegold jewellery has also become immensely popular.

How to clean gold jewellery

Gold jewellery always retains its colour but it can happen that your gold jewellery loses its brilliance. By cleaning the jewellery, you let it shine again. With a cleaning cloth especially for gold jewellery or a cleaning set with jewellery cleaner you can properly clean your gold jewellery. You can also put your gold jewellery in lukewarm soapy water and then carefully wipe it clean and dry.

Personalised jewellery

Personalised jewellery is also a real trend. Personalised jewellery is extremely suitable to give as a gift on a birthday or on special days such as Christmas or Mother's Day. Perhaps one of the most famous examples of this is Pandora. Almost everyone is familiar with the Pandora bracelets and Pandora charms.

And how about zodiac sign jewellery? This jewellery has a unique meaning and says something about you as a person. You can buy this jewellery very well for yourself but they are also perfect for a personal and special gift. In our collection you'll find zodiac sign jewellery from brands such as Violet Hamden, PD Paola and Swarovski. Plenty of choice!

Besides, you can also personalise your jewellery by wearing an initial of your loved one, family member, friend. Discover our extensive collection of initial jewellery. Not only nice to get but also very nice to give. More of a fan of gemstones? Check out our birthstone jewellery collection. These birthstones match the month you were born in and really add that extra touch to your jewellery collection.

Jewellery box

To enjoy your jewellery for as long as possible, it is important to maintain and store it properly. Luckily, at Brandfield you will also find a wide range of the most beautiful jewellery boxes. Cluttered necklaces, earrings or rings are history when you use a jewellery box. With a jewellery box, you store your jewellery in a nice and convenient way so it never gets tangled or lost again. Thanks to the large assortment, there is a beautiful and practical jewellery box for every taste.

Womens jewellery

In Brandfield's shop, you will not only find big established brands, but also trendy brands with beautiful women's jewellery. For example, how about the popular Anna + Nina; a beautiful Dutch brand that allows you to perfectly express your own style.

Hugely popular are jewellery by well-known fashion designers. The most famous example is Michael Kors, which was already known for Michael Kors watches. So now there is also a complete collection of Michael Kors jewellery that is rapidly gaining popularity.

And what about Kate Spade New York's jewellery? This brand stands for optimistic femininity and this is directly reflected in its beautiful jewellery. Whether you're looking for a stunning necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings, you'll find it all in Kate Spade's jewellery collection! Kate Spade New York is the jewellery brand for true fashionistas!

Mens jewellery

In recent years, we have seen a marked increase in the number of different brands and types of jewellery for men. Brands such as Josh and Diesel are great examples of this. You will also find within this category Sem Lewis jewellery.

Also, jewellery fromTommy Hilfiger should definitely not be missing from this list. This men's jewellery is bold, modern and contains luxurious details. A bracelet or necklace from this brand should definitely not be missing from your jewellery collection! Whatever jewellery brand you choose, a piece of jewellery will add a special touch to all your outfits.

Buying jewellery

In addition to finding the most beautiful and trendy jewellery at Brandfield, you can also find other fashion accessories such as watches , bags , sunglasses , shoes and belts.

At Brandfield you order your favourite jewellery with the best service. If the jewellery is not to your liking or you prefer a different piece? No problem! You can return your jewellery within 30 days.

Which piece of jewellery is your favourite? Then don't wait any longer and order your new piece of jewellery quickly, easily and safely via the Brandfield webshop. We will make sure your order reaches you as soon as possible!

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