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Brandfield is an official dealer for MVMT watches. Our online shop offers excellent product service. We stock a great collection of MVMT watches. If you order your MVMT watch on a working day before 23:30, we will dispatch the item the same day. We ship your order for free. Pay later without any additional costs. We can send the item in a special gift wrap for a stylish present. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, you can return the watch within 30 days!

MVMT watches with a modern and minimalist design

The letters MVMT stand for the word 'movement'. The brand's team of contemporary designers wants to open up people's eyes with an assortment of innovative and affordable luxury watches. The designs are very functional and minimalist.

MVMT is continuously expanding its collection with new watches which are available in unisex models. The watches come in uniform colors (such as black watches with a black wrist strap) and look good with every possible outfit. MVMT describes itself as a brand for go-getters.


In 2013 two friends, Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante, decided to quit their studies. Both had a keen passion for designer watches but thought that trendy, high-quality watches were too expensive. Jake and Kramer set out to conquer the world with quality watches through an extremely innovative online marketing campaign. A crowdfunding campaign helped them to get the necessary capital to launch their MVMT brand.

Today, almost two million people wear an MVMT watch worldwide. The brand's designers get together twice a year to work on a new collection of watches.

MVMT watches

Are you looking for a sleekly designed watch which can be worn with all of your outfits? Would you like an innovative timepiece made from wear-resistant materials? Do you create your own unique style? The MVMT watches in our online shop are just the thing for you.

It's up to you how you wear your favorite MVMT watch. You can choose from various mix & match wrist bands and levels of quality. The majority of quartz timepieces are splash-proof. This wide assortment of MVMT watches includes stylish stainless steel models for both men and women as well as watches in a playful design in colors such as rose gold, for example.

The extensive Brandfield collection

You have a choice of unisex watches or you could decide to opt for a very feminine design in pastel colors. The huge assortment of high-quality MVMT timepieces means you have got plenty to choose from.

If you order your watch of choice today, we will dispatch your item the same day. If you are not completely happy, you can return the watch within 30 days.

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