Ordering at Brandfield is 100% safe! Your data will be sent to us by a secured connection. Placing an order is safe and simple, and it only contains four steps:

  1. Placing products in your shopping cart
  2. Check shopping cart content
  3. Enter order data and preferences
  4. Pay in a secured environment

1 - Placing products in your shopping cart

Search the product of your choice and press the orange button 'In shopping cart'. In order to find your product, make sure to use the search bar on top of every page on our website.

2 - Check shopping cart content

Did you put all of your product choices in the shopping cart? Then it is time to check the content of your cart.

  • You can find the shopping cart in the upper right corner on every page on our website. You can add, delete or edit the products added to the shopping cart there.
  • In the shopping cart, it is possible to point out whether you want your product to be wrapped as a gift. Click 'Wrap your product as a gift? Choose gift wrap'.
  • When you are in possession of a Brandfield gift card or coupon code, you can redeem it here. Click 'Redeem your gift card or coupon code' and enter the code. The discount will be deducted with the total amount.
  • Are you done shopping? Select the preferred delivery method. Depending on which method you choose, the total amount will be corrected.
  • Check everything again and press the button 'Continue your order' to go to the next step.

3 - Enter order data and preferences

After the shopping cart, you are in the order process, which contains a few short steps. You can enter your order data and preferences here. The process contains the following pages:

Step 1 - Order method

You can order without a registration, but also with your Brandfield-account.

Step 2 - My information

You can enter your personal details at the billing address, including your name, address, e-mail and phone number.

Whenever the billing address is different from the shipping address, it is possible to enter another one. This is optional.

Step 3 - Delivery

The delivery method will be given at this step. This has already been done in the shopping cart, so it is just to check. Check our Shipping page for information about shipping to your country!

Step 4 - Payment

At this step, the preferred payment method will be given. Read more about the payment.

Step 5 - Check

In the last step, you will be able to check all your information given in the previous steps.

4 - Pay in a secured environment

After all the previous steps, you are almost done! The last step contains the secured payment environment. In this step, the payment will be done by your preferred method. After the payment, you will be redirected to the Brandfield website again.

Any further questions?

Contact our customer service.

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